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NDTV promises to retire ‘Blow To Modi’ headline, Government revokes ban

04, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Government has agreed to revoke the one day ban on NDTV 24X7 after NDTV promised the BJP led government that they will retire their ‘Blow To Modi’ headline and it won’t appear on their screens again. Earlier, an inter-ministerial committee of the Information and Broadcasting ministry had recommended a one day ban on NDTV’s Hindi news channel for airing sensitive information during the Pathankot terror attack.

Their screen won’t get dark now

The one day ban drew wide criticism from several journalists who said that this is censorship of the press. However, government sources maintained that airing sensitive information during terror attack can’t be allowed. Both parties seem to have come to an amicable solution now.

“We couldn’t afford to go blank on the 9th of November since US election results will be announced that day and it is likely to be a historic verdict one way or the other. Therefore, we did all that we could to convince government to revoke this one day ban. I know that ‘Blow To Modi’ headline has served us well for a very long time but we made this sacrifice to ensure we don’t go offline on the historic day”, a top NDTV executive told Faking News.

Confirming the news, an I&B ministry official said,”Yes we have decided to revoke the ban. We knew NDTV won’t change with a one day blackout anyway; they do these blackouts voluntarily on so many occasions so nothing new for them. At least we got a good deal now by the retirement of their staple news about PM Modi. Everybody wins this way.”

This news was greeted with mixed emotions by NDTV employees who were sad to see their beloved headline retire but were also pleased that they won’t have to face the one day ban.

Meanwhile, Mr. Arun Jaitley was very happy with this development and was seen entering NDTV studio for another exclusive interview.