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News anchors submit their list of exotic locations to PMO for future travel

29, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Modi’s return back to India also brought back many from the media fraternity, who were part of the entourage. But it seems some are yet to get over the hangover of the US visit.

Narendra Modi's frequent foreign tours is a hit with Indian media.
Narendra Modi’s frequent foreign tours are a hit with Indian media.

Apparently, a section of media comprising eminent journalists and news anchors have asked PMO to allow them to ‘choose locations’ for future foreign visits.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior news anchor and journalist said, “Yes it’s true that we have submitted a list of locations for PM’s foreign visit to PMO. I mean it’s the same old locations every time; we need to see new exotic ones. One of the perks of being a journalist is the travel opportunities that come along by being part of PM’s entourage.”

“Our job doesn’t give us the luxury to go on vacations with our family, so this is our only recourse. Switzerland, Italy and Brazil are on top of my bucket list,” said another news reporter, while showing us selfies taken on the US tour.

“We all had a very good time in US. In fact it was like a big reunion for media fraternity. An exotic location would be icing on the cake,” he added.

PMO officials say that they have received a list and were seriously considering the request from media persons.

In neighboring Pakistan, media persons were unhappy with their own PM for not giving them any opportunity for foreign travel. “Kaise namakul wazir-e-azam hai hamare. It’s been 5 years I have been covering news 24/7. My begum keeps asking me if we can go on a vacation. How do I respond to her?” said a GeoNews journalist.

Meanwhile, one news anchor thought it was absurd for representatives from media to have put forward a list of ‘places to visit’, and chose to debate it on prime time. “I mean what is going on with these people. What will happen to ‘unbiased’ news reporting? How can they go on vacation while I sit here and manufacture hashtags,” he screamed as he asked viewers to tweet using #RoamingReporter.