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News channel already debating future profession of Virushka's child, Cricketer or Actor

13, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: The much awaited wedding between Indian Captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood star Anushka Sharma took place in Italy couple of days ago and the media buzz around it has been unprecedented. While most channels are still focused on Anushka’s Lehenga or Virat Kohli’s Pagdi, one local news channel has already moved on to the next stage and started debating the career choices of the future child of the couple.

Kohli Anushka
Kohli and Anushka prepare for ‘Good news kab de rahe ho’ questions

The channel has scheduled a big 2 hrs debate on the issue calling in experts from various fields including career counselors, cricketers, and Bollywood celebrities. At the end of a potentially enlightening debate, viewers will have an idea about the possible future career of the future child.

Speaking to Faking News, the channel’s editor-in-chief said ,”We take pride in being different and future-oriented. While other channels are still stuck in the details of the marriage and the upcoming reception, we have already moved ahead. Marriage has already happened, what is there to report in that? Instead, news should be about events that are yet to happen, therefore we thought we will focus on their child. Anyway, viewers are getting a bit bored with the frequent Taimur Ali Khan stories so we thought we will add some variety to our programming.”

“We only focus on stories of national interest and this is a story of national interest because every Indian wants to know whether they are getting a cricketer in a few decades time or a star”, the editor added.

When we asked what if the child doesn’t pick any of the two options, he said ,”Bhaisaab India runs on dynasty and this kid will have cricket and acting in his eugenics so what else can the child be?”

Meanwhile, reporters have already camped outside the venue of the wedding reception to make sure they don’t miss out on getting live images this time like they did with the wedding ceremony in Italy.