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News-Channel CEO deeply angry that his reporters were totally untouched during #MarchForIndia

09, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Delhi: SBEN Network CEO, Joshilendra Bopara has expressed extreme anger and irritation upon the fact that all his female and male reporters were completely untouched during #MarchForIndia.

Angry news channel CEO
Angry news channel CEO

Writing on his blog MyIdeaOfMyCountry Bopara said, “I sent 3 male and 12 female reporters to the march. Plus I had 5 theatre-trained angry anchors ready in the studios to convert any spark into fire. But my reporters? Where were they? What were they doing? They were supposed to be there at the site, asking tough questions, trying to get answers, statements, views, abuses, anything at any cost.”

“That’s what our duty is, to present to our audiences the true and the real picture. At times you just don’t get the true picture easily, and in those cases you have to somehow create the true picture. But no, nothing, zilch, not even one reporter was even touched. I believe they weren’t asking the right questions. They could have just started asking march-participants their religion or sexual orientation. They would have got some content-worthy responses. And even if one participant in the march reacted adversely, we could have brought down the entire march of millions as a violent parade with guns and bombs.”

He further wrote, “Look at another channel. Their reporter must have asked real ‘content-worthy’ questions, and look they got something from someone. They got one spark and they immediately converted it into a wildfire. They frigging trended on social media all day long. They got thousands of hours of coverage and panel debates condemning the violent nature of the march. Hundreds of tweets, re-tweets, replies, hashtag trending, twitter and Facebook fan-fights. In fact within today they have reached their revenue targets for the whole week. But I have not, I am just sitting here cooling my heels, seeing my reporters come back untouched, unscathed. But if they are reading this let me remind them that we have a responsibility towards our share-holders too. What should I tell them now? That our reporters are unable to get content-worthy responses from those they question? That’s the worst that can happen in media-business.”

As of this writing, the above-mentioned blog post was removed from the blog, but not before select screenshots from the post went viral on social media.

Bopara later dismissed the whole blog post as ‘thinking out aloud’ and ‘work in progress’ kind of draft that got published by mistake. He did add however that if this ‘by-mistake’ blog post did get viral he would be happy about it, as being a News channel CEO he would love to stay in news.