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News channel debating a topic for last 48 hours to prove that the topic should be ignored

31, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A leading Indian news channel has been continuously debating the same topic for the past 48 hours to prove that the topic is not important at all and should be ignored. A panel of 16 high profile guests has been locked inside the news studio and will be allowed to leave only when they reach a consensus that the topic is not important enough to warrant a debate.

News debate
Image used for representation purpose only, Not the actual debate

This is something unique in the history of Indian news industry as generally guests are allowed to leave after an hour but this time, the debate has carried on for 48 hours and is still continuing at the time of publishing this article.

“Nation’s attention has been distracted by this totally unimportant bit of news. What we are really doing here is trying to tell the nation that this topic is totally irrelevant and nobody should waste any time over this. Since entire nation’s time is on the line, we can’t leave this debate half way through. We will carry on with the programming till we get a consensus from all the panelists that this news should be ignored”, a senior executive working with the news channel said.

When we asked if it is not torture to keep people locked up for 48 hrs, the executive said, “Well our anchor is a superhuman so he has no problem. He conducted live debates for 2 weeks straight during Anna agitation so this is nothing for him. As for the guests, we are conducting it like a relay race. First 8 panelists are debating and then they hand over the microphones to the next 8 who return it after their shift. This debate is being conducted very professionally.”

When we asked what is the topic that they are debating so intensely, the executive replied, “Well I don’t remember exactly. I swear I knew about it 48 hrs back but its all a bit hazy now after listening to the experts on the panel. I think someone posted a photo on Instagram that was not liked by people on Facebook so they made a snapchat story and shared it on Twitter. Well, something like that.”