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News channel exposing Golgappa stall for not giving 'sookha wala' to keep up with the competition running daily exposés

17, May 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ever since the launch of Arnab Goswami’s news channel ‘Republic TV’, an ‘exposé race’ has begun among all news channels. As the sun sets every day, the exposé battle begins with each channel trying to outdo the others in terms of sensationalism. Worried that they are getting left behind due to lack of any exclusive exposé, a Delhi based news channel decided to expose the golgappa seller outside their office.

Sookha wala aapka adhikaar hai, Jaago Grahak Jaago!

The channel played the explosive sting video this evening that clearly showed the golgappa seller refuse the rightful demand of a sookha wala by the paying customers. This explosive video has shook up the entire golgappa industry with the golgappa association members distancing themselves from this stall’s owner.

Proud of their sting, the channel’s chief editor said ,”I am very proud of my team for breaking this sookha wala scam. Initially when our investigative reporters told me about this scam, I didn’t believe them. How can anyone refuse sookha wala at the end of a golgappa session but when I saw the video, I was blown away with it. We believe this could be a scam worth dozens of rupees every day. Rest assured, we will not move on from this news till we make sure that everyone concerned doesn’t pay for their crimes.”

When we asked how is this a crime, the editor said ,”Oh come on. This practice of asking for a sookha wala is 75 yrs old, therefore, refusing to serve it is unconstitutional. We can’t let such acts go unpunished.”

When asked if they are doing such exposés because other channels have left them behind, he said ,”I don’t care what the competition is doing. In fact, they are only covering news about individual states where as I am going for a national issue. Golgappa, phuchka, pani puri, paani ka batasha, whatever it is called in your state, I am going to get you that sookha wala at the end of it.”

As per our sources inside the channel, their next exposé will be against vegetable vendors denying free dhaniya-mirchi.