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News channels request N Srinivasan to change name to Narendra Modi so that they can continue to run 'Blow to Modi' headlines

28, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi/Mumbai. Unable to run any ‘Blow to Modi’ headline for a while, many media outlets and News channels have requested former BCCI president N Srinivasan to change his name to Narendra Modi.

With Srinivasan being dealt with blows after blows from Supreme Court, media houses are of the opinion that he is their best bet for long term sustentation of ‘Blow to Modi’ headline.

Media houses also want Srinivasan to get a Face Transplant to that of Narendra Modi.
Media houses also want Srinivasan to get a Face Transplant to that of Narendra Modi.

“It’s not that we have completely stopped running those headlines, but if Srinivasan agrees to change his name, our headlines would sound more legit and viewers and readers would not accuse us of any bias,” argued a head of one such top media outlet.

When asked why dont they run ‘Blow to Srinivasan’ headlines instead, he replied,” It is not that we don’t run such news pieces. But frankly speaking unme who baat kahan. Bilkul feel nahi aati. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.”

The news channels further agreed that they tried their level best to fit the headline even in those situations where it would not fit into.

“I remember how once we had reported a private fight between two enemies Vikas Modi and Rahul Sharma in Dahisar, where Modi was given a blow on his face by Rahul,” a senior editor of a publishing house, under the condition of anonymity, recalled one such incident where they somehow justified using the ‘Blow to Modi by Rahul’ headline.

The news channels further reveal how their hopes were pinned on ex-IPL chief Lalit Modi after his ouster, for maintaining the longevity of the headline. These channels had jointly performed havan for same, after Narendra Modi started gaining ground for LS elections 2 years ago.

“We were thrilled earlier when Lalit Modi had come under scrutiny and had thought he would give us enough opportunities and fulfill our daily quota of ‘Blow to Modi, headlines, but unfortunately focus shifted to N Srinivasan,” confirmed a consulting editor of leading Media house.