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After two hours long debate, Newshour panelist realizes he entered into wrong discussion

18, Dec 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: Mahesh Bhatt, a well-known film maker fought tooth and nail for two hours on ‘The Newshour’ last night only to realize later that he was talking on wrong topic.

Debate started like any other prime time debate amid panelist yelling and screaming on top of their voices. So it was business as usual for the panelists. However 30 minutes into the debate when 5 panelists were simultaneously begging Arnab to let them speak and 2 had lost hopes and fell silent, another panelist Mahesh Bhatt joined them.

It happens too often on The Newshour.
It happens too often on The Newshour.

Within minutes the whole complexion of the discussion changed. Few of them tried readjusting their microphones wondering if something was wrong with gadgets, but Bhatt was simply unstoppable.

Mahesh Bhatt told our reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™ what actually happened on the fateful day: “Yesterday I got an invite to attend a debate ‘Should Delhi act tough and cut diplomatic ties with US?’  I could visualize Brigadier Arnab licking his lips to launch an all out attack on USA at 9 PM IST. I got late in reaching the venue so I quietly came in and took my seat in the studio.”

“By this time Arnab had made pulp of poor US diplomat on phone and the debate was over. Another topic ‘Should there be President Rule in Delhi’ had started. Unaware of all this I heard a panelist say ‘President doesn’t have any option left since Delhi hasn’t made a clear decision this time’. I straight away jumped into the discussion.”

“I challenged him saying – US President has all the options open. He should immediately resign from his post and set Indian diplomat Devyani free. Let me also tell you that Delhi has made a clear decision by removing barricades from US embassy. Message is clear ‘Nahin rukegi meri Dilli’. Even Arnab was stunned. Man!!! I am good even when I am slightly off the mark,” he added further.

“All this while other panelists were too busy begging Arnab for mercy that they didn’t hear what I was saying. One of them Suhel Seth tried telling me that I was not making much sense, but I ignored him because people usually complain to me about not making sense. I didn’t get chance to talk for next 1 hour. Finally Arnab concluded the discussion by ordering Pranab Mukharjee to impose President’s rule in Delhi; that’s when I realized that I had barged into the wrong debate. But I at least I made my point,” said Bhatt scratching his head.