Monday, 6th April, 2020


Not satisfied with less no of panelists, Arnab implements CAB to bring persecuted panelists from other countries

18, Dec 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. On any evening, those watching primetime television news debates in India may know that the number of panelists is increasing by the day and there are still many vacant positions for the panelists on many shows.


Arnab is still not happy with the number of panelists on his show and wants to bring more panelists from other countries. And hence, he has implemented CAB in his studio where persecuted panelists from other countries will be called on the prime time debates and given equal opportunities to speak on any topic.

Arnab spoke to Faking News and said “I hear that many panelists are persecuted in foreign countries and that’s not good for our community. Being a journalist, it is my duty to help those in need. I invite all of them to apply for the panelist role for my debates. The criteria as you know is very simple, you have to shout loudly on my show and listen to my shouting continuously. As easy as that.”

Other news channels may follow soon as the competition for panelists is growing and no one wants to be left behind in the TRP race.