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Obama to skip Republic Day parade in India, to launch Rajdeep’s book instead

08, Dec 2014 By manithan

New Delhi. In a huge blow to Modi, US President Barack Obama has suddenly taken a U-turn and rejected the invitation to become the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade of India. However, White House clarified that Obama will be coming to India nevertheless.

The change in events was confirmed by the Prime Minister’s Office earlier today. PMO confirmed that Obama has skipped R-Day parade to become Chief Guest at ‘some another important event’.

The development sent shock waves across BJP ministers and Modi bhakts. At the same time, the opposition party leaders and Mufflerman fans were seen celebrating the rejection by Obama.

After reading Rajdeep’s book, Obama has become a follower of the author. Obama recently ordered photo frame of Rajdeep to be kept outside his room (shown in image) and is seen crying before it, everytime he crosses it.
After reading Rajdeep’s book, Obama has become a follower of the author. White House has also ordered Old Monk to replace red wine during official state dinners.

A jubilant ‘Mufflerman’ Anand, said, “We are very happy that Obama rejected Modi’s invite. This means that Obama has rejected Modi as PM of India. Already, our aam aadmi Kejriwalji is PM of Twitter. It is high time that Obama coronates Kejriwal as PM of India when he comes here for that some important event.”

Communist leader Sitaram Yechuri too thanked Obama 65 times for rejecting Modi, and praised United States of America for embracing the Indian left and for upholding communism. He said, “Obama has chosen the best path. Sadhvi Niranjan Jyothi must resign.”

“I think Obama will attend a JNU nukkad naatak instead,” Yechuri guessed about the other important event.

However sources confirm to Faking News that the other important event is launch of the best book of the millenium ‘2014: The Elections That Changed India’ by the best journalist of the millenium Rajdeep Sardesai.

“President Obama has already read the book and had commented to his friends that ‘he felt like a Buddha sitting under Bodhi tree’ while reading it. He is also planning to invite the author, His Holiness Rajdeep Sardesai, to White House for a grand dinner. But before that, he will launch the book,” a White House source confirmed.

When asked about cancelling of the Republic Day invite, the source said, “Obama was initially in a mood to attend the parade. But there is hardly anything to learn watching people dance and army men displaying their weapons. In fact, Mr. Sardesai too can teach a thing or two about street combat that can help our troops in Pakistan and Afghanistan. There is way more things to learn from Mr. Sardesai than watching the parade.”

“President is also going to request Mr. Sardesai to write on US elections,” the source claimed.

When this reporter contacted Rajdeep Sardesai to ask for his comments, an automated voice answered the call, “Thanks for calling me. I’m right now in a book launch. Please read my book to know more.”