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Orissa floods spoil news channel’s plan to get local reaction on Bigg Boss

03, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bhubaneswar. News One, a 24-hours national television news channel has scrapped its grand plans to ask people living in rural Orissa on what they thought about the television reality show Bigg Boss, which started on Gandhi Jayanti yesterday. The news channel had to take this extreme step after its team found out that those parts of Orissa, where they wanted to go, were submerged in flood waters.

“This is ridiculous!” Mukesh Sharma, the editor-in-chief of the leading news channel told Faking News, “Now the authorities tell us that those areas were submerged for the last few weeks! How are we supposed to know? Had they informed us in advance, our team wouldn’t have been forced to come back after traveling all the distance from New Delhi.”

Orissa floods of 2011
The reporters of News One asked this man if he was a fan of Shakti Kapoor, the only male housemate of this year’s Bigg Boss, but he seemed least interested in responding.

Mukesh Sharma informed that due to this careless attitude of the government officials, his channel had to incur a waste of around 5,75,200 rupees that were spent on travel, food, and sundry expenses of the seven member team that was chosen to bring back exclusive interviews of people living in rural India about what they thought about Bigg Boss.

“This year’s Bigg Boss has a rural contestant called Gulabo Sapera and our editorial team thought that it would be a nice idea to find out what the rural India thought about Bigg Boss,” the editorial head of News One said, “We have plans to educate every member of the sapera community (snake charmers) living in rural India and unite them to rally behind Gulabo to make her the winner of the reality show.”

However, the floods in Orissa, feared to have killed dozens and made thousands homeless, spoiled the plans of News One.

“What are we supposed to do now? Shoot flood waters and report about submerged villages?” Mukesh Sharma expressed his frustration, “Our team tried their best to ask a few of the people on boats there about Bigg Boss, but the locals refused to cooperate! Such a shame!”

Mukesh further informed that the channel has learned from its “mistakes” and has asked its team not to go to Manipur to get any reactions as there was some kind of blockade happening there, causing the prices of essential commodities to shoot up, which could in turn screw up the budget the news channel has allocated for this special programme on Bigg Boss.

However Mandeep, the cameraperson who could shoot a few areas submerged in flood waters while the reporter tried his best to get reactions of local people on boat or on roofs, thinks that the whole exercise may not be a complete waste.

“We could use these video clips next time we have heavy rains in Mumbai or waterlogging in Delhi,” Mandeep said, “Who would know, and who cares?”