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Politician sets up debate with a photo of Arnab Goswami to get some time to speak

07, Feb 2018 By Akash Vadera

Anyone who is well versed with news or watches news channels knows who Arnab Goswami is. Arnab Goswami, an Ex- Times Now Journalist and current Editor of Republic TV, shot to fame with his New Hour Debate on Times Now.


With that show, he became famous, rather infamous, for his bold and audacious style of debating. He didn’t let anyone speak for more than a minute and asked hard hitting questions ferociously. Fearing this, Mumbai politician Ajay Gawade has set up a debate with a photo of Arnab Goswami in an attempt to get some time to speak.

This move didn’t come shocking to his party as his party believes that this is the only way a sane person can have a fruitful and wholesome debate with Arnab Goswami. We interviewed Mr. Gawade and here’s what he had to say.

“See before I made this decision, I had done my full home work. I have watched every debate of Arnab Goswami. In an interview of 60 minutes, Arnab speaks for an average 56.5 minutes while the interviewee gets to speak only for about 3.5 minutes. Just imagine getting to speak three and a half minutes in an hour long interview. What could you speak in 3.5 minutes? How would you present your view? The interview would then steer in Arnab’s direction and the only perception people would get about you from the interview would be dependent on the direction Arnab takes the interview in. So when I was approached by Republic TV for an interview with Arnab, I consulted with my party members and we unanimously reached a decision to set up a debate with a photo of Arnab rather than real-life Arnab,” he said.

Ajay Gawade further adds how he has been practicing for the debate, “See that podium? I have kept Arnab’s photo there. The expression on the face seems to change every time I look at it. See, when I was talking to the photo about my work as a politician, the photo had a sarcastic grin on the face. When I told Arnab’s photo to shut up and to not interrupt me in between, the face in the photo seemed turning red with anger. It’s almost like the photo is still talking to me the same way Arnab would.”

However, bizarre this may sound, but this debate would sure turn out to be one of its kinds. Catch the whole human-photo debate on Republic TV at sharp 9 p.m. on Saturday.