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Railway Ministry official asks for leave on Quora after getting no response to email

14, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: P. Murthy, a senior official working for railway ministry applied for leave on Quora after he did not get any response to his leave application email.

“I wanted ten days leave starting from coming Friday to make arrangement for my daughter’s marriage. In this regard sent out an email to Mr. Piyush Goyal last week. I have not received any response till today morning,” said P. Murthy while speaking to us.

Mr. Murthy was getting nervous what he will do if his leave is not sanctioned as lot of work is still pending for his daughter’s wedding ceremony.

One of his friend said to him, “Why don’t you try applying for leave through Quora. Mr. Piyush Goyal is very active there. I applied for leave last month to go on a family vacation and within few minutes, the response came as approved along with detailed procedure on “how to apply for leave”. Mr. Goyal explained what are the points one must mention while applying for leave.

Mr. Murthy applied for leave on Quora using the same format Mr. Goyal has shared. Even before we had a cup of tea, Mr. Goyal’s response came, in these kind of leave applications one must attach the wedding invitation card soft copy.

After P. Murthy sent out the scanned copy of the invitation card, within minutes came the approval response, much to his relief.

Of course, along with that Mr. Piyush Goyal gave detailed explanation on the Quora forum, how a wedding card should look like, how over the years wedding card format has changed and the kind of wedding card he recommends.

We are waiting for Mr. Goyal’s response to the query, “What are the advantages of getting middle berth inside trains?”