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Rajdeep effect: Mallya claims his bank account was hacked and loans applied for

01, May 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. Inspired by celeb journalist Rajdeep Sardesai claiming that his account was hacked and the mysterious hacker sent a few abusive private messages, celeb businessman Vijay Mallya too has claimed that his bank account was hacked and the mysterious hacker applied for loans that he was unable to pay now.

“How low will some people now stoop? Hack my bank account? Apply for huge loans? When will this end? Time to not come back to India. Enough is enough.” Mallya tweeted this morning revealing the secrets of his bad loans.

Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya reacted after giving the statement

After sending out this public tweet, Mallya immediately cancelled his statement saying he wanted to come back to India. Now he insists that he will come back to India only after this hacker is punished and all his bad loans are pardoned.

When Faking News got in touch with Mallya and asked him that why would someone hack his account and instead of taking out some money, rather put some more money in his account by applying for loans, he said that such questions were unfair and amounted to defamatory insinuations.

“If Rajdeep’s hacker can send only 3-4 abusive private messages to random people and no publicly abusive tweet that could have done bigger damage, why can’t my hacker apply for loans instead of withdrawing money?” the liquor baron asked sipping Old Monk Kingfisher strong.

“And obviously it is to give a bad image to me. Some people have been hired to finish me financially,” he made a startling claim.

When asked why did he take it as business as usual and not complain immediately when loans were granted to him, Mallya said that there was huge corruption in the banking system and the government must act against the corrupt bankers.

When we repeated the question, the former Kingfisher Group chairman disconnected the call. Experts say that the claim by Vijay Mallya might not impress either the judiciary or the media because he was not a journalist.