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Rajdeep says, he was practicing dealing with bullies before his next interview with Raj Thackeray

29, Sep 2014 By idiot420

New York. Soon after getting himself engaged into a brawl outside Madison Square Garden, famous journalist and news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai clarified that he was practicing to deal with bullies before his next interview with Raj Thackeray.

Rajdeep wasn’t too much happy with his last interview with MNS chief, in which Rajdeep was clearly on back foot.

Rajdeep feeling confident.

“To be frank, I wasn’t liking Raj Thackeray’s tone of voice and the way he was talking to me. Although, I was willing to jump and grab him by the collar, I forgave him. I was the host and that was our studio, so I had to maintain decency,” Rajdeep told Faking News adding that his anger is quite dangerous.

But now, Rajdeep wants to free his hand, pretty much like Arnab Goswami’s mouth.

“You see, time is changing and we have to change ourselves and the way we journalists work. We have to be more and more action oriented,” Rajdeep continued justifying the way he interacted with Modi supporters.

“That guy was talking to me like some rowdy, just because I was asking some tough questions. All of a sudden it reminded me of my interview with Raj Thackeray, and then I thought, enough is enough, let’s do it. And then I immediately grabbed him by the collar,” Rajdeep narrated the whole incident.

Rajdeep wanted to pass Raj Thackeray a strong message that he was not the same Rajdeep. “Next time when he will be sitting in front of me in studio, Raj has to be beware of me,” he concluded.

Charged up with his own actions, Rajdeep reportedly wants to start his own prime time debate – The Fighthour.

A source close to him revealed that it will be a mix of The Newshour and Fight Club.

“I heard Rajdeep saying that on ‘The Fighthour’, there will be only one rule, that there are no rules. During the debate, everybody will be free to attack each other and set of the studio will resemble to that of a wrestling ring. And Rajdeep himself will be referee,” disclosed the source.

Meanwhile, Raj Thackeray has offered his full support to Rajdeep and said that he was ready to be the first guest on Rajdeep’s show.

“Let me check his newly found guts, if it’s real of fake,” said Raj Thackeray.