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Rat stops AI flight, media seeks rat’s religion to outrage about VVIPracism or MinorityRights

31, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: An Air India flight that was forced to make an unscheduled stop after a rat was found on board has now become a hot topic of debate with media desperately seeking to find out the religion of the rat, so that they can outrage about VVIPracism or MinorityRights.

“Mr. Rat, the nation wants to know your religion”

Speaking to Faking News, the Editor-in-Chief of a leading news channel said, “This is indeed breaking news for us. A rat has forced the government carrier to make an unscheduled stop. Previously it happened only in cases of suspected hostage crisis or some VVIP making unreasonable demand. We cannot just report it as ‘Rat forced flight to land’. It has to be given a religious twist. That is why we want to know the religion. If the rat belongs to majority we will outrage about VVIPracism and if not, we will outrage about MinorityRights.”

Hectic activity was seen in newsroom of the news channel as editors, reporters and journalists were seen discussing strategies to trend hash tags before the evening debate. The channel is trying all its best to access information about identity of the rat.

Spokesperson from both Congress and BJP were asked to be on standby just in case their services were needed to ‘add value’ to the debate.

Apparently, the channel wants to report it as ‘suppression of minority rights’ and how the rat was treated like a terrorist, in case the rat belongs to minority. If not minority, the channel plans to accuse the rat for forcing the aircraft to have an unscheduled stop and how it perpetuates VVIP culture.

Air India officials have also complained of being hounded by reporters and cameramen into revealing something that they are not aware of.

Media analysts say it is the TRP game that has blinded the media into giving a twist to every news report. “Have you ever heard of a rat belonging to any religion? When will media stop sensationalizing every damn news report,” questioned a media veteran.

Meanwhile, the helpless rat was seen being ushered into the newsroom even as the news anchor was busy rehearsing his outrage.