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Republic channel declared as Cruelty-Free by PETA as the shouting is going to be directly tested on people

28, Jan 2017 By RT

New Delhi. The new channel Republic got a major boost today, ahead of it’s launch,  after it was certified as Cruelty-Free by PETA. The certification has been awarded based on the declaration to the animal welfare organization from Republic: To be broad-blasted decibel levels were not tested on any animals, it was declared prior to the launch.

Republic is now PETA certified
Republic is now PETA certified

“Our broadcast is targeted directly at the Indian citizens. We invite the pets in the house to stay away from the television as far away as possible, whenever we speak loudly on the national issues. After all, we have not tested the decibel levels on any animals, including cats and dogs. We did see a few rats running away from our studios, but at that time we were not talking. Even our chief promoter was uncharacteristically signalling at someone and not talking,” a Republican told Faking News.

“Whenever a new product is launched in any part of the world, we demand this declaration. We demand this even for animal products. When it comes to TV channels, our rules are stringent. Especially on Republic, we had our doubts. After their declaration and our surprise visit to their studios, we are confident that no animals were harmed with audio or content testing,” a PETA official told Faking News.

When Faking news asked a question on a different topic of being a politically biased news channel, the promoters denied the allegations. “We are Republic! However we are not independent,” another Republican quipped about a possible political bias in the news from Republic.

Meanwhile, the guests who are likely to appear in the guest panel were seen taking heavy medical and life insurance policies ahead of the launch. “We know what to expect in a Republic,” one of the regulars told Faking news.