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Salman Khan announces "Everybody Slap a Journalist Day"

13, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Salman Khan seems to be heading towards another controversy. He has announced an international “Everybody Slap a Journalist Day” after claiming that a Pakistani news channel had edited his interview to make him sound “insensitive” and “pro-Pakistan” regarding Mumbai terror attacks, which was followed by “needless” misinterpretations and “outrage” by Indian news channels forcing him to release a VCD titled “apology” for his remarks.

Sab maaro milke inko, kya bolte ho? Ek lagaon kaan ke neeche. 1 october ko laafa maaro inn sab logon ko. theek na?” Salman Khan tweeted in his inimitable style earlier today, which could legibly be translated to – Let’s bash them all, what say? Hit them below the ear. Let’s slap these folks on 1st October. Okay?

Angry Salman
Salman is reported to have slapped Aishwarya Rai, Vevek Oberai, Katrina Kaif, and a journalist before

The tweet was retweeted 100 times within 2 minutes of Salman posting it on his twitter page, with Amitabh Bachchan also retweeting it. Although Big B didn’t reply to tweets regarding his support to Salman, but it’s understood that he is also livid with media for having allegedly misquoted him for his reported opposition to the Mumbai Metro project a few days ago.

Although Salman didn’t use the term “journalist”, neither is he known to come up with good English phrases, his tweet was projected as a call for “Everybody Slap a Journalist Day”. Later some commentators prefixed the term “international” to it as his interview was originally (allegedly) misquoted by a Pakistani television channel. A facebook page by the same name had already 3000 “likes” when reports last came in.

“Salman Khan has insulted the media of this country and has also insulted father of the nation by giving a call to organize violent protests just a day before his (Gandhiji’s) birthday. He has insulted India and hurt the feelings of over a billion Indians.” concluded the report published on a television news channel’s website, asking for a “voluntary”, “unconditional” and “end-to-end” apology from Salman for his latest comments.

Various news channels had recorded “exclusive” reactions of at least 58 political and social leaders over Salman’s latest comment, thus proving how outrageous it was. But there were a few voices of support for Salman too.

“He didn’t name anyone. He could be talking about slapping the dirty immigrants and driving them away from Mumbai.” said MNS chief Raj Thackeray, which was flashed all over news channels. “Or maybe he meant slapping Pakistanis.” Raj added, which was ignored by some channels.

Salman had not tweeted since then or clarified his stand, but many people are already planning to implement his call. Faking News wants to make it clear that it doesn’t support any such initiative even if it excluded fake/serious journalists.