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Sanjay Jha helped Rahul Gandhi on how not to appear a fool facing Arnab Goswami

27, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Sources have revealed that dedicated TV worker and Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha has helped Rahul Gandhi by giving him tips on how not to appear a complete fool and a clueless person in front of TV superhero Arnab Goswmai.

Sanjay Jha, who is a regular victim on The Newshour, has a vast experience of getting mauled by Arnab Goswami on various topics. Party thought that his experience will come handy in helping Rahul gear up for the ultimate face-off.

Sources further tell Faking News that Jha is very elated at finally proving to be of some use to the party. Some party leaders, who earlier resented his rise and thought him to be an ‘outsider’, now believe that Jha was a part of a top secret plan.

Sanjay Jha
Sanjay Jha praying that the interview goes well

“Now I know why he kept appearing on The Newshour despite being humiliated on regular basis. He was an undercover agent planted there to figure out every possible way Arnab can screw someone. Now we know the trade secrets of Arnab, and he will not be able to harm Rahul ji,” a party loyalist said.

As part of the training process, Rahul Gandhi is reported to have undergone various training sessions by Sanjay Jha. One of such sessions was aimed at coping with high decibel noises where Rahul was asked to listen to hard rock concerts while bursting crackers.

“Why do you think Rahul ji had been shouting in his rallies and speeches of late?” a party insider revealed, “It was all part of a practice session to speak loudly to match Arnab.”

Sanjay Jha is also believed to have instructed Rahul Gandhi to avoid few of his bad habits, like asking back the question asked to him, because Arnab has a habit of repeating the same question again and again.

“If both start doing this, there would be an endless loop of questions, a deadlock which might continue till eternity. Arnab is equipped to survive it, but Rahul ji could have got injuries,” the party insider explained.

Another “bad” habit that Rahul has been asked to avoid is rolling up his sleeve.

“Nobody else is allowed to show attitude in Arnab’s darbar except Arnab himself,” Jha is reported to have claimed.

While Rahul has been well trained in mannerisms, sources couldn’t confirm if he had been trained in coming up with responses when one doesn’t have enough knowledge on the topic.

“While the tutor thinks it’s his forte, we asked him not to train Rahul Gandhi on that front,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh confirmed, “Ahmed Patel and Rajiv Shukla have worked on that aspect.”

Meanwhile unconfirmed sources suggest that Rahul Gandhi was carrying chilli-pepper spray in his pocket all through the interview.