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Sanjay Jha urges Subramanian Swamy to tutor him for Arnab's Newshour

05, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Breaking political barriers, Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha, today sought help of senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, asking him to help him stand up to Arnab Goswami on Newshour.

Jha, who is now only second to Arnab in terms of appearances on Newshour was reportedly watching the show at his home yesterday with Times Now cameraperson, where Swamy completely tore Arnab apart, calling him things which Arnab wasn’t prepared for.

Jha is planning to have one on one debates with Swamy to learn more.
Jha is planning to have one on one debates with Swamy to learn more.

“While most of the times I am by default there in those debates, when I am not, the Times Now guys keep me ready on standby, in case any of the panelists gets angry and leaves the show in between, which has become quite a norm,” Jha told Faking News, how he was fortunate enough to witness it live.

Jha claims that he was completely mesmerized by Swamy’s bold attitude and conduct and was cheering him like cricket fans cheer for Sachin Tendulkar.

Immediately after the show ended, Jha called up Swamy and urged him to teach him the tricks and ways of countering Arnab and not come out as a loser from the show.

Swamy however called him names too, which Jha denies and is confident that even if he shows 20% of the misplaced reverence, that he shows for Rahul Gandhi, for Swamy, he will be able to convince him to coach him.

“So far I thought Arnab was invincible and hence didn’t try taking him on but I was wrong. But he too gets unsettled if replied back with equal viciousness, the same viciousness Mr Narendra Modi displayed during Gujarat riots,” Jha explained.

At this point our reporter realized Arnab is probably right in turning off Jha’s audio at times and asked him to stick to point.

Jha apologized and said Modi too should have for Gujarat riots, and continued.

“Well if people say Arnab thrashes me because I speak nonsense then Swamy too has shades of silliness in him,” Jha added, making sense for the first time.

Meanwhile when the news reached Robert Vadra, he advised Jha that he could simply manhandle Arnab when nudged on the show.