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School students caught cheating in exams confident of becoming journalists

23, Mar 2015 By manithan

Patna. Students who were helped by their family members in cheating their exams have not lost all hopes. They are sure that they have bright future even though the pictures of their relatives climbing walls to help them cheat went viral globally.

Pallavi (name changed) was the first one who agreed to talk to this reporter. She explained how they struggle to memorize the boring textbook chapters and how their friends and family helped them during the exam time by giving them chits. She claimed that she was just transferring the content from book to exam papers with help of chits, which was not wrong.

When asked about her future ambition, she said, “I want to be a journalist.”

Just how sources climb hurdles to deliver news to journalists.
Just how sources climb hurdles to deliver news to journalists.

Before we could swallow those words, another girl Nidhi (name changed) said, “Even I want to be a journalist. What does an Indian journalist do? They get information from sources, they then write articles copying from foreign papers and finally make the person who is reading their papers believe that they did not do any form of malpractice. We also did the same last week!”

The third girl, named Rana (name changed), joined the two, “Look at the condition in India. Men who climbed to help us were Hindu males. So, does it not speak about volumes of communalism and patriarchy reinforced by BJP-RSS that allowed only Hindu males to go up? Apart from that, my father allows Hindu males to draw water from well which he doesn’t own. That can help me make a famous investigative journalist!”

We met with local expert, who gave us a clearer picture, “This Bihar exam cheating issue is more like mixture of Corporate Espionage scam and Essar leaks. First, the sources who were scaling the building were spotted and arrested. Then, the students were caught cheating in the exams. This is similar to Corporate Espionage where report-thieves were first arrested leading to arrest of journo. And these girls and their family members were to get some financial benefits from the state if those girls could write and pass 10th exams. This is similar to Essar leaks.”

“All in all, these students who were caught cheating can definitely become journalists in future and can even outshine the current famous journalists,” he added, giving hopes to the students.