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Scuffle reported outside Kareena's bungalow as media-persons fight to get Taimur's reaction on Union Budget 

01, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

A minor scuffle broke out between media-persons outside actress Kareena Kapoor’s house in Bandra. The reporters had assembled to get Taimur’s reaction on the Union Budget when an argument broke out which snowballed into a free-for-all in no time.

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Apparently, Taimur had high expectation from the budget and wanted GST on baby products to be further reduced. However, there was no mention of any tax concession by Piyush Goyal in his speech. This angered Taimur who threw his soiled diaper out of the window as a sign of protest to express his displeasure.

TV channel reporters who were camping out side the bungalow, scampered to seize the diaper. Other climbed atop a tree to catch a glimpse of the tiny tot. “Screams of ‘Taimur aapko budget kaisa laga‘ were also heard,” revealed an eyewitness.

A security guard posted outside the bungalow spoke to our reporter and said, “Yes, it’s true. There was a fight and I had to jump in to stop it. There have been small fights earlier too especially when Taimur baba comes out in the balcony. But this time around they crossed the limit. God knows what’s in the diaper that they want to report about.”

The Kapoor family has not reacted to the incident. But sources say that Saif Ali was miffed. Kareena wasn’t too please either.

In a joint press statement the couple said, “When Taimur starts speaking, we will hold a press conference where he will express his views on important events as and when they happen. Till that time we request the media-persons staying on the footpath outside our house to please vacate. And also refrain from bribing Taimur’s nanny to get inside information.”