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Shahid Kapoor to shift his wedding venue to Amarnath to ensure there is no media coverage

07, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. In order to tackle unwanted media coverage and frenzy over his wedding, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has made a last minute change in his wedding venue and has decided to shift it to Amarnath from Gurgaon.

Shahid feels once the venue is Amarnath, media will automatically stop following his wedding ceremony, giving him much needed relief from invasion of privacy.

“I know managing logistics would be a headache but definitely not as big as dealing with media,” Shahid told Faking News.

Not the most sought after wedding once in Amarnath.
Not the most sought after wedding once in Amarnath.

When asked why specifically Amarnath, Shahid pointed to how media was unable to cover much more important issue of Amarnath pilgrims being stoned and attacked by Kashmiri locals there.

“When they don’t have the inclination to cover a much more important and relevant incidence like this, why will they bother coming there for my wedding,” he argued.

“Also, I am pretty sure that top journalists and mainstream media would be under immense pressure to preserve secular fabric of India and thus would give my wedding a miss,” reasoned Shahid, who is planning to have reception in Nadia or Falta later.

“Earlier I was confused between shifting the venue to some place out of India and Amarnath, then I realized that apparently ‘tyranny of distance’ phenomenon works only selectively and mainly in India,” Shahid told Faking News while watching Rajdeep Sardesai’s interview of Lalit Modi.

Meanwhile after wrapping up his wedding, Shahid has decided to go for a honeymoon in Atali Village in Ballabgarh for further privacy from media.

“Only when I really want to come into limelight for some stuff, like film promotions etc, will I do that in Mumbai or hell even Gujarat, but for all other things my choice of venues is going to be very unconventional completely dictated by places our media chooses to ignore,” Shahid signed off.