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“She called me a troll when I corrected her mistake in class”, says journalist’s old school-teacher

21, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Renowned twitter-supporter of oppressed souls and veteran journalist Loveleena Jangid apparently disliked anyone questioning her even when she was a school-going student. Mrs. Jangid’s school-teacher Ms. Deepika Khandelwal has recently revealed these findings about her during the 25th student-teacher reunion of Blue-Oranges Public School (BPS), Noida, an event which was covered by large sections of print and electronic media. Mrs. Loveleena Jangid was in news recently for condemning all twitter users as trolls who factually corrected her on her inaccurate sensational tweets.

Poor journos. Being victim of trolling since childhood.
Poor journos. Being victim of trolling since childhood.

Speaking to reporters at the re-union event Ms Khandelwal said, “Loveleena just hated it when anyone questioned her, especially teachers because they ask a lot of questions in class. When in 7th grade she even threw cold water at a cute kitten because she thought the kitten was looking at her with a questioning look. Consequently she hated any kind of quizzes, exams, tests and practical evaluations.”

“She hated it even more when someone corrected her. I still vividly remember the day she threw a duster at me in anger when I corrected her during a class discussion; it hit me on the forehead and the mark is still there after 25 years,” Ms Khandelwal sportingly showed a faint mark on left side of her forehead.

When asked on why Mrs. Jangid attacked her, Ms Khandelwal got defensive, “Oh it was just a normal class discussion where I asked Loveleena to provide definition of secularism. She said a true secular has to cultivate and regularly display hatred for one particular majority religion which will make people from other religions feel at ease and aid their psychological growth. When I disagreed with her and tried to correct her, she got very angry, called me a “troll” and threw a wooden black-board duster at me in anger. But she was just a kid back then. Now being an eminent journalist she does not throw heavy objects anymore, she just throws hollow facts.”

Mrs. Loveleena Jangid when reached for comments on these findings said that Ms Sabbarwal is perhaps old and does not remember the incident properly as she has never attacked a teacher anywhere except on social media. When our reporter corrected her that her teacher’s name was Ms Khandelwal and not Ms Sabbarwal, Mrs. Jangid called him a bhakt and a troll and threatened to block him on Twitter and Orkut.