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Social Media furious with BCCI for including Team India in Anushka's pic 

08, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

Social media erupted with criticism after an image of Team India with Anushka was shared by BCCI. The image shows the actress dressed in a green saree alongside the Indian cricketing team.

team india

The High Commission of India in London hosted Anushka Sharma on Tuesday, however it is not yet clear as to why players from Indian team were present when they were clearly not invited.

Sources say that Anushka may have extended the invitation to Virat and rest of the freeloaders tagged along. But social media lost its cool and many were not happy with the players for ruining Anushka’s event and invading her personal space.

Given their disastrous performance in Edgbaston, shouldn’t they be spending more time in nets? questioned one twitter user.

Horrible in tests but perform well in IPL. These players are not interested in playing for the country. The only thing that motivates them is Ghee and Ghapa-ghap, tweeted another user

Many tagged External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and requested her to cancel the passport of the team players and support staff for ruining Anushka’s evening.

“A woman cannot even attend an event without men surrounding her. How bad can things be,” commented a well known feminist.

With pressure from Govt officials, BCCI tendered an apology and clarified team players will be given strict instructions that they will not accompany their wives on foreign trips and trespass any official event.