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Software developed to automatically write articles on Narendra Modi

12, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Allahabad. A 19-year-old student from IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology) here has claimed to develop a software that can come up with news and opinion articles on Narendra Modi with a mouse click.

“I have been an internet troll and have trolled on every topic,” Ranjit Prasad, the third-year student proudly told Faking News how he got the idea to develop the software, “After 3 years of full-time trolling and part-time studies, I finally concluded that anything related to Narendra Modi trends on the internet instantly.”

Narendra Modi
There is no upper cap on the number of articles a website can publish on Modi

“People feel duty bound to express opinion on Modi and media organizations work against killing deadlines to come up with reports on Modi. I could see a huge demand for Narendra Modi based articles,” the developer of NaMoPad application claimed.

NaMoPad – the software can meet this demand, Ranjit claims. All one needs to do is to feed in some keywords and indicate world count, and a grammatically correct article on Narendra Modi will be ready for publication within seconds.

“Premium version of the software will be able to come up with opinion articles containing in high-sounding philosophical and economical terms. I’m currently working on them,” the soon-to-be-rich teenager revealed.

All leading journalists and media houses (including Faking News) have expressed desire in buying this software as no one wants to lose on the potential traffic a Narendra Modi article can attract. The only journalistic concern is about the articles being “exclusive” and unique.

“Of course, unique articles can be generated using the software. Yes, primarily it will use the same old arguments and content, but with clever permutations and combinations, a seemingly new article can be generated,” Ranjit explained the working of his software.

“That’s precisely what anyway happens when an article on Narendra Modi is written in the real world by real people,” he added.

Ranjit is further planning to develop an Android and iOS application that will automatically tweet or update Facebook status messages about Narendra Modi.

“Windows already has MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging),” he pointed out.