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Stone thrown by rioter bounces off army jawan's chest and hits him back, journos ask army to leave valley

11, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Kashmir Valley. In an otherwise usual incident in valley a stone thrown by a rioter bounced off an army jawan’s chest and hit the rioter back on his head. Rioter was immediately rushed to the hospital by army-men and was given proper treatment.

Just after his treatment the rioter edited and uploaded the cellphone footage of stone hitting his head, on YouTube and wrote a long note criticizing the army for snatching his freedom. He then requested the jawans to safely drop him back to his home so that he could rest for one full day and could get back to anti-army protests as early as possible.

This incident has also sparked a heated debate among the die-hard intellectuals within the country and abroad. Various news channels are now holding panel debates demanding immediate and complete pullback of armed forces from the valley. FN presents to you a list of demands made by various news channels and adarsh liberals through following statements.

Such innocent stone pelters.
Such innocent stone pelters.

“Army should be completely evacuated from the valley, stop hurting the rioters.” ~ SBEN TV

“Defence minister and chiefs of all armed forces should immediately resign and PM should outsource the national security to private agencies.” ~ Liberal Television And Rural Development Network (LIBTARD Network)

“Army should be pulled out from all borders and restricted only to interiors of India” ~ Asian Secular Society (ASS)

“All the money spent on army could have been donated to secularist NGOs, that’s what this country needs the most right now.” ~ Confederation of NGO and Artists (CON-Artists)

“This is a shameful incident. The defence minister, prime minister, infact the whole cabinet should resign and immediately invite the opposition to form government.” ~ Secular Individuals against Crime on Kittens (SICK)

“In the wake of this heinous incident the PM should declare valley to be a separate country or let Pak and China divide it equally and rule. Both these countries have a good track record in ensuring freedom of masses.” ~ Ultra Liberal Unions of Asia (ULLUs – Asia)

While media has already blown this issue out of proportion, twitter users also had their share of detailed commentary of this issue, with hashtags #RiotersStoned and #ArmyKaLoheKaSeena trending for around 2 hours yesterday evening. One of the twitter users even used the footage uploaded by above-said rioter and created a funny dub-step mix video out of it which went viral and broke the internet.