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Struggling to fill paper with stories, Journalists request Bollywood couples to breakup

10, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: In a rare show of unity, journalists from various media organisations came together to appeal to Bollywood couples to breakup. This appeal was made after many media organisations reported that they are struggling to fill the space in the entertainment section of their papers.

Hrithik Kangana
Media needs more Hrithik-Kangana type stories

“During January we thought that 2016 is THE year for us. There was one breakup after another in Bollywood and we were pushing out stories by the dozen. However, all that has slowed down now and all we have is the Kangana-Hrithik story that we have already written about a hundred times. Since we want to serve something fresh to the readers, we need a new breakup or two”, said Mita, a senior editor at a newspaper.

“There is hardly any interesting movie releasing right now with everyone trying to avoid IPL season, there are no breakups, there are no fights between leading actresses, what do we put in the entertainment section? We can put some political news there considering how much they entertain people but that will be against the ethics of journalism so we avoid that”, Mita added.

It wasn’t just the print media that came together for this request; even TV news channels joined hands and appealed to celebrities to stop loving each other.

“Print guys have it easy, if there is no news then just place one more ad of a new housing project in Delhi NCR. How do we come up with news for 24 hrs? There is only a limited time for which we can show advertisements, we need news! Unless these guys start breaking up with each other, I am afraid we will have to end up doing shows on the actual issues concerning India. Now who would want to watch that?” asked an executive producer for a leading news channel.

Journalists have also clarified that the breakup must be of an actual couple. An Abbas-Mastan or Ranvir-Arjun Kapoor breakup won’t count.