Sudhir asks govt to provide footwear to the migrants which would make their 1500-2000 kms walk easy

06, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Sudhir has been in the news for his comments on the people queueing up to buy liquor. He has compensated for it by blaming the government for not providing footwear to the migrants who have to walk for 1500-2000 Kms.

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According to Sudhir, better footwear would help the migrants in dealing with the tough roads and would make their walk bit easy. According to him, water and food can wait, and footwear should be arranged first.

On Monday, Sudhir slammed people who were standing in queues outside liquor shops and said there is money for liquor but not for railway fare.

Police personnel were struggling to manage the crowd. Sudhir wants migrants to have an easy walk back home. Economy and other things will come up automatically and no one can do anything about that. So it’s in our best interest to do something for the migrants at least. He also appealed all his followers and viewers to donate footwear which would then be provided to the migrants.

The migrants will also be given maps which would help them locate the road and reach their hometowns easily which would have been tough otherwise.