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Sum total of TRPs for a timeslot as claimed by different news channels cross 200 percent

01, Sep 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: From the latest TRP ratings published, one unusual observation has come to our notice. If we add the TRPs claimed by different TV channels for a particular time slot, it is going more than 200 percent which is baffling to say the least.

“First thing most of the TV channels will say they do not believe in these TRP data, then they threaten to boycott it from next time. However, after one channel starts putting advertisement how they topped in certain prime hour duration, others follow,” said media observer R. Shankar while speaking to us.

“I took prime time duration 8 PM to 10 PM time slot for my analysis. Added the TRPs claimed by the news channels. It is 218 percent. How on earth this is possible?” said Mr. Shankar who decided to meet the heads of this channel before exposing this farce.

After meeting the TV channel heads Mr. Shankar got a clue how these TV channels present the data to its advantage. “Though Rating was given for hour basis, TV channels claim they collect data per every second. So, what happens is they extract the best data and present it in a way to claim how they are on top. Of course, if I look data for a particular second and add them, the sum total comes cent percent,” said Mr. Shankar on the realities behind TRP business.

When Shankar questioned them saying this is not fair. TV channel heads told me as per the guidelines they put * marks with disclaimer below which people should try to read. For that to do you need to pause your TV which should be of 102 inch or above. The recommended font size for disclaimers is 5 or below.

We noticed a TV channel which showed only advertisement during a particular time period, claims in that period maximum people watched its hard-hitting debate show it conducts.