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Super social techie updates his FB status to which washroom he has checked-in, gets 1k likes by the time he comes out

29, Mar 2016 By dasu

Bangalore: Bangalore based techie Kaushik R got the shock of his life when his girlfriend Neha left him accusing him of having poor social skills, even though his ‘washroom status’ got 1k likes on FB.

Kaushik expresses his gratitude for 1k Likes for his washroom status update
Kaushik expresses his gratitude for 1k Likes for his washroom status update

Speaking to Faking News Neha said, “Kaushik is a decent guy. However his social skills are poor. He hardly knows anything about fashion. Initially when we went around for shopping and from changing room asked him to bring a dress with hot-pink color, he got one with deep-pink color. He had no idea there are six different colors of pink, 20 odd colors of blue. He would often argue with me saying white is one color, why you are saying ghost-white, mint-cream, white-smoke etc. It took me a year to give him some nursery lessons about fashion.”

Neha added, “About his social skills less said the better. I tried hard, but his response time never improved. From his pathetic record of 1 day, I brought his response time to 5 mins which according to me was not good enough, it should be in seconds. Sometimes I will share something on FB or WhatsApp, he won’t Like or pass a comment immediately. If I am going around with him, what’s wrong if I expect the first comment from him only?”

“There is hardly any response from him to my Good Morning messages. When questioned he says he likes reading newspaper. How can he waste time reading the paper and doing unnecessary chit-chat with others,” said a visibly upset Neha.

Kaushik after getting dumped from Neha has learnt his lesson. Kaushik said, “I realized how poor my social skills are. Neha would be sitting in front of me in café, would be busy with her mobile and I would still be confused whether to give attention to her or her messages in social media platforms. May be I was poor in multi-tasking.”

“These days even when I go to washroom in the morning, update my status in FB so that everyone remains updated. Have created a separate page in FB for every item I use, be it my pen or toilet. I am glad to see even my check-in to toilet is getting 1k likes in 15 mins. People appreciate the hard work I have put in,” said Kaushik, as he proudly showed our reporter the FB pages he created.