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Supreme Court judges visit Republic TV studio to wish Arnab on Teachers Day 

05, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

A group of Supreme Court judges today visited Republic TV studios to express their gratitude to Arnab Goswami on the occasion of Teachers Day.

Real Chief Justice of India

The group consisted of 5 judges and few lawyers from the country’s highest court, who were seen carrying bouquets and sweets for the Editor-in-Chief. Arnab, who many regard as parallel judiciary, was overwhelmed with the love and support he received.

While speaking to Faking News a senior judge said, “We owe it to Arnab for teaching us the intricacies of law. In fact I have been watching his debates from the time he was in Times Now. His inimitable style and relentless pursuit to shout down opposition helped my skills. It would be an understatement to say that he is ‘one man law college’. And this is not just me, other judges share the same feeling.”

While recollecting an old case which was stuck in Supreme Court for a decade, a senior lawyer pointed out how watching Arnab discuss the case helped him get new insights. “Arnab had some incriminating documents related to the case which even we couldn’t get hold of,” he said.

Arnab himself looked embarrassed with the adulation coming his way and while replying to questions from media-persons said that he was passionate about delivering justice and will continue to do so till his last breath.

When asked if he had any future plans to join Supreme Court he said, “I am happy doing my bit for the judiciary from my news studio itself. No plans to replace the Chief Justice as of now.”

But he did reveal that post retirement he may set up his own court and do his bit to uphold justice in the country.