Tuesday, 7th April, 2020


Sushant and Jacqueline's Drive is the most downloaded racing game of 2019: Google

02, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Google has once again come out with its web stats for 2019 and topping 2019’s game download is Sushant and Jacqueline’s movie Drive.


The movie, confused by many as a racing game got the highest number of downloads in 2019, beating even well established players like Asphalt and Need for Speed.

Even in the general category, Drive gave a tough fight to even games like Free Fire and PUBG while just managing to trail them in a closely fought battle.

The movie which was trolled on social media for its cheap graphics, which many called as ‘made from a trail version of Photoshop’, managed to redeem itself after Google’s announcement.

Tech Gurus too felt that Drive was being trolled unnecessarily and that the movie was way ahead of its time.

“This could just be the future of games as we know, where a storyline and songs along with relatable characters is part of the entire package. Maybe a few decades later, we can have Goovie – a combination of Game and Movie,” commented a well-known tech expert.

The latest news from Google has got the movie-makers now thinking of a sequel thought there was no confirmation from the lead actors on this.