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Tarun Tejpal now claims apology mail was a light hearted drunken banter with Shoma

26, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a freshly filed bail petition to Delhi High Court, Tarun Tejpal now claims that the apology mails written by him to the complainant were a light hearted drunken banter.

This petition was filed after hearing for the first one was adjourned by the court till tomorrow.

After a series of drunken banters comes a drunken pose.
After a series of drunken banters comes a drunken pose.

“There was no untoward incident in any elevator in Goa. What I wrote was a drunken banter with Shoma. There was no admittance of guilt or owning up for something I did. It was just for fun,” Tejpal claimed in his petition, which was shockingly written in plain prose requiring no reference to a thesaurus.

Experts believe that after claiming that charges against him were politically motivated and after casting aspersions on victim’s motives, Tejpal is now making sure that his letters – which obliquely incriminate him in the incident – are also discredited and he gets a clean chit in the sexual assault case.

But friends of Tejpal reject any insinuation that he was trying to give a spin to the whole situation and cover up his deeds.

“Tarun is a great connoisseur of wines and words, and it’s very much possible that he wrote a mail after having a few pegs of whiskey,” Rahul Singh, a friend of Tarun Tejpal told Faking News.

When Faking News contacted Tehelka’s managing editor Shoma Chaudhary, she said that she too had doubts over why Tarun wrote those mails in first place.

“Everything is crystal clear now. Some political forces are trying to benefit from this mail that was just a banter from Tarun,” she said.

Shoma also praised Tarun for having “adamantine jocular principles” that resulted in such mails, which was awfully misread as admission of guilt by some misguided people.

When asked about the mails written by the victim who has now resigned from Tehelka, Shoma said that the motives behind those letters were still unclear.

“I appeal to that girl to learn something from Tarun’s integrity and clear the air why she has been writing those letters,” she said.

Meanhwile the High Court is confused if it should treat this petition as another light hearted drunken banter or not.