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Tarun Tejpal to ‘lacerate’ himself by reading his own novels and articles

21, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After terming his sexual harassment and molestation of a co-journalist as a ‘bad lapse of judgment’ and bravely owning up and apologizing for it, Faking News has learnt that Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka shame fame has gone a step ahead and decided to repent in his 6 months vacation sabbatical by reading his own books, novels and articles as a part of laceration he talked about in his mail that got leaked.

Sources say the decision to do so was taken after he was going through the feedbacks for the novels he has written so far.

Tejpal showing the shitty piece he is going to read first.
Tejpal showing the shitty piece he is going to read first.

Later when Faking News spoke to Tarun, he confirmed the news.

“The moment I read the criticism of my work, I was sure there can not be a harsher punishment than this. If need be I ll watch my shows and sting operations as well as a part of penance that I must impose on myself. I challenge you to prove that a 7 year jail term in more tortuous than what I am undertaking. I ll surrender if you are able to do so,” said Tejpal before boarding a charter plane to an unknown destination.

Tejpal’s colleague and Managing editor of Tehelka Magazine Shoma Chaudhary has hailed his decision.

“Mind you this is over and above the unconditional apology Tejpal sir has already offered to the concerned journalist. What more do you need now? He has set a precedent where in an accused decides the punishment he should get on his own, thereby relieving the already overburdened Indian Judiciary,” she told Faking News.

Even senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani is in awe of the now ex-editor of Tehelka, “My goodness! He is a genius. How the hell did this idea of ‘bad lapse of judgment’ not strike me all these years. Now I ll successfully use this argument in to defend Asaram Bapu in court.”

However Human right activists are up in arms against Tejpal’s decision and were seen protesting against outside his house for inflicting such a harsh punishment on himself. “We are now worried that he’ll get carried away and look into mirror as well as a part of penance,” an activist opened up and revealed their fears to us.

Seeing this even Delhi Police has swung into action and has sent a team to arrest Tejpal.

“This is suicidal. We won’t let it happen. A volunteer from our force took it upon himself to read his work and he is now recovering in AIIMS hospital,” Delhi Police commissioner revealed.

Meanwhile eminent lyricist Javed Akhtar has applauded Tejpal for showing immense guts to repent by reading his own work knowing fully well how pathetic it is.