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Telecast JCB videos to keep fans engaged if match gets washed out: ICC to broadcasters

21, Jun 2019 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

London: The constant rains during the ICC World Cup 2019 has washed out 5 matches so far leaving spectators disappointed and broadcasting partners fuming. Viewership is going down with each falling drop of rain and ICC is facing heat from the sponsors. A group of CEOs from broadcast partners met ICC chairman on Friday and asked to be compensated. Although after selling broadcasting rights for billions, ICC was in no mood to refund any money. However they have agreed upon a formula to ensure that TRP remains high and broadcasters can recover their money by selling advertisement slots at high prices. ICC Chairperson Shashank Manohar in true Indian style found a way so that he doesn’t have to return even a single penny to broadcast partners.


Our correspondent met with Shashank Manohar and understood the agreement:

FN Reporter: Sir, 5 matches have been washed out and if it keeps happening then this world cup is as good as over.

Shashank Manohar: This won’t be over, at least not for the commercial stakeholders.

FN Reporter: Errr… I was referring to viewers. They are the primary stakeholders in the game.

Shashank Manohar: You think so, eh? Good for you (chuckles)

FN Reporter: Okay!!! So what is your solution?

Shashank Manohar: Simple!! sponsors want ROI, broadcasters need TRP, and viewers need something they want to watch for hours.

FN Reporter: Right, so?

Shashank Manohar: So? Are baba!!! What is that people watch most these days?

FN Reporter:: JCB ki khudai??Shashank Manohar: There you go… People watch JCB videos like crazy. Rather than using super soakers to wipe the water from ground we are thinking of letting few JCBs run on the ground. We may even make JCB the official sponsor of World Cup trophy

FN Reporter:: But how relevant is JCB to cricket?

Shashank Manohar: As relevant as Rajnigandha and Pan Bahaar Gutkha are to Filmfare. In fact, after watching how people binge watch these videos, Kingfisher is going to replace its bikini clad models with JCBs in their 2020 New Year calendar!! What do you think Vijay Mallaya was doing in London that day? He came to visit JCB headquarters London, not to watch India Australia match.