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Times Now all set to become India’s first 3D news channel

07, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. If you ever wondered if Arnab Goswami steadily moves closer to the camera in excitement or wanted to know how far are Suhel Seth’s hands from his double chin when he makes a point, you might not have to wait any longer.

Your channel Times Now is all set to become India’s first 3D news channel, where you can have three dimensional viewpoints of everything, not only the issues being discussed.

Arnab Goswami
Many people accuse Arnab Goswami of seeing every issue in black and white, but things would change once Times Now shifts to 3D broadcast.

“We realized that in order to justify the tag ‘your channel’ that we have given to Times Now, we must personalize the experience of television viewers,” Vineet Jain, Chairman of Times Group said, “Broadcasting news in 3D seemed the best option as people can feel our anchors and guests spread out in their TV room, and they would almost feel like jumping in the debate themselves.”

Television news viewers agree.

“I already feel like jumping in my television set and punch a couple of faces while watching television news debates,” Sudhir Mehta, a news addict says, “I can’t wait to get a 3D news broadcast where I can light up my cigarette lighter and put it under the face of someone bullshitting with aplomb. I would get to see as if his face is on fire, isn’t so? Damn cool man! All channels should start this. I can’t wait to see Face the Nation with Sagarika Ghose in 3D!”

In fact, not only for studio news and debates, Times Now has specific plans to use 3D television cameras while news gathering, especially when reporting “breaking news”.

“Imagine the video clip of a man throwing slippers on Kalmadi in 3D; I guess people would not want to see news in 2D again,” Mr. Jain expressed hope and confidence.

Experts believe that very soon other news channels, especially Hindi news channels, would have no choice but to start 3D broadcast, as they otherwise seem clueless on ways to improve the “quality” of news.

“If India TV starts showing Rakhi Sawant and Veena Malik in 3D, I can imagine Aaj Tak going out of business,” an expert said.