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Times Now and Republic reporters come to blows over who is a bigger nationalist

15, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Bizarre scenes were witnessed outside the Press Club earlier today when two reporters got into a fight and started throwing punches at each other. The two reporters were from Times Now and Republic TV and they kept going at each other for a good 15 minutes before the onlookers ran out of space on their phones. Then they stopped shooting the entertaining fight and pulled the two away from each other.

Nationalist fight

As per sources, the argument began when the two started discussing nationalism and how their respective channels support and promote nationalism. The discussion slowly turned into a heated argument as both started claiming that their channel is doing more to promote nationalism. While Times Now reporter kept listing out all the hashtags they have come up with over the previous decade to support nationalist forces, Republic TV reporter kept repeating ‘Arnab Arnab Arnab Arnab’ repeatedly. Eventually the situation deteriorated when Times Now reporter insulted Arnab and the physical violence began.

The moment they started punching each other, everyone in the vicinity immediately took out their phones and started recording it like responsible citizens. Eventually, they were separated and dragged to their respective offices. Neither of them wanted to register a legal complaint as that would have increased the number of pending cases in the country.

Meanwhile, Republic sources have informed Faking News that Arnab Goswamiw as so impressed with the passion of his young colleague that he allowed him to speak for 1 full minute before interrupting him.