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Times Now studio shifted to Wankhede stadium to provide seating to all the experts on Newshour panel

21, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Struggling to provide seating to all the experts on their Newshour panel, Times Now has decided to shift their studio to the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. With IPL matches shifted from Wankhede, the stadium was available and Times Now has booked it for their Prime Time program.

Arnab can accommodate more experts on his panel now than the dozen present here

Newshour is the flagship news debate program of Times Now where Arnab Goswami delivers a monologue and a bunch of experts nod in agreement or scream in protest. With increase in TRPs, the show has seen a steady increase in the number of experts called for each debate. The situation has become such that now all the experts can’t get a chair in the studio.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, an executive producer with Times Now said, “We were running out of chairs in our studio. We could have ordered some more but there was no space to keep them. We thought about reducing the number of experts but less people would have meant that someone could have managed to say a sentence without being interrupted. That would not have been good for the image of our show so we decided to move to a bigger place where everyone can be easily accommodated.”

“With the availability of greater space at the Wankhede, we are going in for big changes to revolutionize news programming. Now that we have managed to destroy all other news channels in TRPs, we will be taking the IPL head on. They are our biggest competitor on Prime Time entertainment and its about time we did something to beat them,” he said.

When pressed for details on their plans, the executive producer said, “We will be adding cheerleaders for every political party who will dance every time their party’s spokesperson manages to complete a sentence.  There will be fireworks whenever Arnab puts down someone’s argument. There are other plans too that I can’t disclose at the moment.”

Promotional campaign for the revamped Newshour has already started and Times Now is promoting it as “Ek India gusse wala” to counter “Ek India happy wala” slogan of IPL.