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Times of India acquires domain rights of dead

27, Oct 2010 By Farzi Wada

New Delhi. India’s leading newspaper Times of India has acquired the domain rights to the controversial, ex-pornographic portal Users now typing or searching for will be automatically directed to the Times of India website. This decision is expected to bring in an increased amount of loyal userbase to the website.

Talking to our correspondent, the Janitor-in-Chief of Times of India explained, “This decision is expected to lead to an exponential increase in the amount of site visits to our website and it is in perfect harmony with the values and messages that espouses.”

Asked to elaborate further, he explained that analytic data has revealed that the users visiting have been mainly visiting the site for viewing images of naked actress, wardrobe malfunction, hottest scenes in Bollywood, Sherlyn Chopra etc.
What people read at Times of India (source: our sources)

“You see, that is why we even started putting up pictures and videos of nude celebrities or wardrobe malfunctions on our home page,” the chief janitor said, further informing that for a long time was shown as a “related link” to on web traffic information sites like

Experts believe that the step taken by Times of India is perfectly “logical” and had been “long pending”.

“There was a generation in India that grew upon,” explains a sociologist, “now many of them have been picked from cyber cafés and put in decision making positions, where they are forced to intake some information on news and current affairs. This will make things easier and natural for them.”

But the Janitor-in-Chief clarified that Times of India would adhere to its editorial “policies” and “ethics” even after the domain acquisition.

He pointed out that while the ex-porn site used to store morphed images of different actresses, Times of India, being a respectable publication, will only use real images of real actresses.

“We won’t run out of such actresses any time soon,” the janitor hoped, “and then there are always those reality shows like Emotional Attyachaar on UTV Bindass or whatsthatshit on MTV.”

While the decision has evoked mixed reactions among the common readers, market watchers predict that this would lead to a mad race among various leading Indian publications to acquire the domain names of several previously famous but now dead porn sites. This has been dubbed “The Great Indian Porn-race” or TGIP by the experts.