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Times of India to shut down after journalists fail to find photo showing cleavage

10, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The Times of India, one of the oldest newspapers of India, will publish its last edition this Friday after it was shaken to the core by a scandal where its journalists failed to find a suitable photo showing cleavage of a woman to accompany a news report.

The ability to find photos of women with endowed curves is one of the prerequisites for working with The Times of India, and the organization saw no future for itself if its employees lost this competitive edge.

“I think it was the news report about creation of South Sudan, the newest country in the world, and our international desk failed to get a single nude photo of a Sudanese tribal woman!” one of the resident editors of the leading newspaper of India told Faking News.

Aishwarya Rai
A show-cause notice to the entertainment desk of Times of India was served earlier by the management when instead of publishing pictures such as the one above, the desk staff chose to publish a picture of Aishwarya Rai from the movie Guru to report on her pregnancy.

“Well, this was actually the last nail in the coffin; even earlier we had noted many missed opportunities where we could have published photos of women showing cleavage but our journalists ended up publishing photos of random stuff like UN headquarters, iPhones and Anna Hazare,” the editor revealed the crisis bugging the organization.

Faced with a future where the newspaper could regularly fail to come up with nude or semi-nude pictures of women, the top management of Times of India decided to shut down the newspaper and concentrate the ‘journalistic’ activities on their website, which has been doing the job “fairly well”.

“Apart from the ‘relevant’ pictures that are aplenty on our website, we have also opened the comments section on our website that is giving a run for their money,” a senior marketing manager with Times Group revealed why the media house was more bullish on its online presence.

Sources confirm that such crisis is not unique to Times of India and many other media houses are also battling similar challenges that could force them out of business like the British newspaper “News of the World”, which was forced to shut down today after it lost its USP of getting exclusive news stories.

“An emergency round of meeting at was held this morning after the article on creation of South Sudan failed to attract any fight between North Indians and South Indians or between Hindus and Muslims in the comments section,” our source informed, “While India TV has already suspended a journalist who failed to report about a dog that could successfully pee in a Coke bottle without spilling over.”