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To end VVIP culture, media to remove 'Press' sticker from their vehicles

03, Mar 2015 By manithan

Mumbai: The mainstream media is heavily campaigning against the VVIP (Very Very Important Person) culture that is exclusive only to the politicians of India. To get the message out to the common people, they have decided to first strip themselves off the VVIP culture that they are practicing. They have decided to remove Press sticker from their vehicle and have decided to amend their company policy that will prevent their employees to use Press sticker in their vehicles.

Speaking to Faking News, Consortium of Neutral Mainstream Media (CONMSM) leader, Avinash said, “We have decided to campaign against the VVIP culture practiced by the politicians. Any Amar, Akbar and Anthony of India knows that only politicians use this VVIP culture to get priority everywhere they go. If you could see celebrities, they just live among aam aadmis like travelling in local trains and eating vada pav in street food stalls. Even rich businessmen use normal ticket and wait for sixteen hours to pray at Tirupathi. But, only these politicians break such cordons and use their power to jump queues and get priority treatment. We want to get rid of this VVIP culture.”

One such vehicle!
One such vehicle!

“In an effort to convey to people that we put our heart and brain in this initiative, we have decided to stop using Press labels in our vehicle. Also, we are amending our policies to prevent our employees to sport such labels in their vehicle. We want to convey to the country that we do not want any VVIP treatment due to Press sticker in our vehicle. I urge members of CONMSM to implement this beautiful initiative and lead as an example to our readers.”

Faking News spoke to another senior journalist, who on conditions of anonymity, said, “This removal of Press sticker from vehicles is a giant leap. Do you know how we used to get VIP treatment with this Press sticker? We jumped signals and policeman never stopped us. We could go without license, without helmets, with tinted glasses, drive on one way, on the wrong side and we could go even in places where one should not go.”

“We could overtake ambulance because breaking the news is more important. Once, one of my friend stole a bike, pasted Press sticker on it and he used that bike for ten years before selling it to someone else. If mediawaalas want to sacrifice this esteemed Press sticker, then imagine the extra miles we are going to end VVIP culture among politicians. I feel a bit sad that I will be treated like a class-less person by traffic police, but what to do? Sometimes, you have to put up with aam aadmis too,” he added as he tweeted a song lyrics.

Faking News then met Ramesh, a person who had Press sticker on his car. When we asked about his affiliation, he argued that he reads all newspapers daily, but did not tell where he works.

He said, “Wherever I work is none of your concern. Even, it is none of my concern. Because I don’t work anywhere. This Press sticker helps me in escaping toll payments. I can escape police scrutiny. I can save a lot of money that my wife gives using this Press sticker. That is why I had pasted it. When some senior police official stops me, I say that I’m having spy cam in my shirt buttons. They give me two hundred rupees and allow me to go. Hehe!”

Our reporter then met one middle aged guy who was having cigarettes with drenched shirt outside our office. He said, “To hell with the VVIP culture! I waste nearly thirty minutes of my lifetime waiting for some governor or minister to cross. But do you think this can end up with just stopping them? No! I waste around ninety minutes waiting for marriage or funeral rallies to cross by. Then, these protests by lawyers or opposition or some students. Also rallies by human right guys. Film shooting.”

“We can have some relief in roads, only if we end all these VVIP cultures,” he concluded.