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TOI to appreciate beauty by installing cameras below seats of actresses during Filmfare awards

15, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After arguing that their tweet referring to Deepika Padukone’s cleavage was just an attempt to compliment her beauty that everyone should be aware of, Times of India (TOI) has now gone a step further to compliment Bollywood actresses.

In their bid to compliment all actresses in Indian film industry, TOI now through its subsidiary, Filmfare, intends to capture their unseen body parts and unappreciated beauty more discreetly by installing cameras below their seats during the Filmfare awards.

Where it all started.
Where it all started.

“Filmfare awards is the most watched award show by Indian movie buffs. It will be a shame and dark day in voyeurism journalism if they are not able to see what our camera crew manages to,” the TOI entertainment section head explained.

“Besides, we don’t want to be seen as exclusively paid agents of Deepika who appreciate only her beauty. We want to show that we don’t differentiate between women on the basis of their success in films,” he added.

Arguing that many actresses, models etc could be extremely shy to really let the world know about their inner beauty, Times Group intends to help them reach out to their fans as a part of their corporate social responsibility.

“Many actresses are too reserved by nature and thus don’t expose, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have beautiful cleavages or exquisite butt cracks. We will capture those for their fans without making them uncomfortable, through those cameras,” a group representative told Faking News.

TOI further claimed that many Indian men still feel embarrassed when they are caught ogling at women publicly and it is these men that they intend to cater to.

“Not everybody is gifted with the talent, ability and shamelessness of KRK to be able to view those areas, parts etc. of any woman openly without tarnishing one’s reputation. They want to do it within the confines of their bedroom,” a senior employee of TOI revealed.

Meanwhile other media houses slammed TOI for being outright cheap with reference to their Deepika tweet.

“Couldn’t they have called her cleavage as area below neck,” editor of Aaj Tak lashed out on Twitter.