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TV channel finds a man who still doesn’t know about Ra.One

24, Oct 2011 By Ankur Jain

New Delhi. In a shocking development that raises serious questions over Ra.One promotions, a little know television news channel has found a man who has absolutely no idea about SRK’s upcoming movie. This glaring failure of Ra.One‘s marketing campaign has come to the fore just a couple of days ahead of the movie’s release date, and has sent industry players into nervousness, who were hoping to do brisk business this Diwali.

News One, the news channel that found this man, has refused to reveal his identity citing security and privacy concerns. However rival channels claim that News One has held the man in captivity for exclusive soundbites and interviews.

Ra.One poster
Earlier it was believed that Every.One knew about Ra.One, the movie.

“He is the one who kidnapped Sita,” the man was heard replying to the question “What do you know about Ra.One?” by the News One reporter. This soundbite was played at least three thousand times since today morning as news spread like wildfire and people switched channels to watch News One.

The reporter Roshan Khan found this man deep in the caves of the Himalayas, News One sources say. Roshan has gone there to file a special report on how Yetis (also known as bigfoot or snowman) celebrate Diwali, but ended up talking to this man who didn’t know a thing about Ra.One.

“I was stunned,” Roshan recalled his first encounter with the man, “I was frustrated over not having found a Yeti, but I hadn’t imagined that I will find such a man. I was sure that my bosses in Delhi would love this news story and I was not wrong!”

News One sources say that Roshan could be given a plum promotion after filing this news story, as his earlier news reports on corruption in government offices were given thumbs down by the editorial head of the channel. That’s when he was assigned the assignment on filing a story on how Yetis celebrate Diwali.

This disturbing development has also raised serious questions about Shah Rukh Khan’s ability to be a master promoter. The latest episode is another egg on the face of SRK after Aamir Khan gave Ghajini haircuts during the launch of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. This time too, Aamir announced a television show just before Ra.One’s release date. To be fair, SRK tried everything, but the latest episode shows that he is still unable to reach everyone.

Both SRK and other news channels have ordered respective inquiries over how could they miss such a man. Heads could roll in both Red Chillies Entertainment as well as other news channels, sources tell Faking News.

Meanwhile the TRP of News One has shot through the roof, as people flocked to their TV sets to see “the man who does not know Ra.One“. News One has now promised to live up to its image by unearthing an honest politician in its next special report.