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TV journalist in ICU after non-stop reporting on Sonia Gandhi’s mild fever

27, Aug 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A TV news reporter has been admitted to the ICU of AIIMS after he suffered dehydration, breathlessness, and extreme fatigue.

His condition is now stable and out of danger, but doctors are keeping him under observation.

Sources tell Faking News that the reporter, whose name is not being disclosed to protect his Twitter account and his neutral image, collapsed after seven hours of non-stop reporting on the critical issue of Sonia Gandhi’s mild fever.

Sonia Gandhi
This photo was critically analyzed by many experts

Congress president was taken to AIIMS last night after she complained of uneasiness following a long day in the parliament, and that’s when the reporter’s ordeal started.

“He had to report live to the studios every five minutes on critical updates on UPA chairperson’s health. He had not time to take a break,” confirmed a colleague who camped outside AIIMS all night.

Even though doctors and Congress leaders visiting Mrs. Gandhi repeated that there was nothing to worry and it was just a mild fever, the reporter didn’t budge from the place and kept on reporting live and exclusive.

“Maybe he was asked by the channel headquarters, but he too seemed genuinely concerned about Sonia Gandhi’s health,” another colleague of the concerned reporter told Faking News.

After reporting vital updates such as “Prime Minister has also come to see her” and analyzing (around 350 times) the video clip showing Sonia Gandhi losing her balance for a second, the reporter fell unconscious.

He was immediately shifted to the ICU where the doctors treated him for acute anxiety and stress. He was soon declared out of danger.

Unconfirmed and biased sources suggest that the journalist wanted to be the next Rajiv Shukla and hence didn’t heed to the warnings of his colleagues who advised him to take some break.

“Even Rahul Gandhi asked him to stop and tried reasoning with him saying Live Reporting was just a state of mind, but he didn’t listen and went on and on as if some major tragedy has struck the nation,” a source revealed.

The source further claimed that Congress had announced a cash reward of 10 lakh rupees to the reporter, but the news couldn’t be confirmed independently.

However, confirmed and neutral sources credit his behavior to pure journalistic intentions. “He took even a 30-minutes crash course in MBBS and Pharmacy to add edge to his reporting,” a neutral source claimed.