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TV panelist allowed to speak, forgets the question that was being discussed

06, Jul 2014 By MRP

Mumbai. An interesting incident occurred last night during a debate on ‘Times Then’ TV channel.

During the course of a political debate, the anchor Arnow Comeswami, asked the ruling party spokesperson Kant Talkalone, his opinion on the remark made by a minister from his party earlier in the day on the law and order situation in a northern state.

Kant, who, after participating in hundreds of panel discussions, is capable of talking only while others are talking, found it difficult to continue with the answer he started, as others remained silent.

Arnow Comeswami is a huge fan of Arnab Goswami.

There was no interruption from either Arnow or the other panellists. Some of the other panellists were seen to be talking on their cell phones and some listening to music. Arnow himself was busy browsing papers about Kant’s past life in order to nail him down later.

Kant became so self-conscious that he forgot what the question was and started singing English nursery rhymes as that was the only thing he could remember.

When the anchor reminded Kant that the nation wants to know the answer, Kant asked back as to what the question was. Arnow, too forgot the question due to his preoccupation, but kept on insisting that the nation wants an answer.

Arnow asked the rest of the panel if anyone remembered the question. He was annoyed that nobody remembered and was upset that nobody interrupted Kant when he started to talk.

“This is the first time on national TV, that too on the nation’s number one program ‘Nine to Midnight Debate Hour’, that just one person spoke at a time. This is a shame, a national disaster. How can we all forget the ethics of TV debates? At least three people should be talking at the same time. I can’t believe that you people, supposed to be responsible panellists, are talking on cell phones or doing something else whereas you should be talking on the show, that too simultaneously. And here we have a party spokesperson who sings a rhyme that I don’t even know. I can’t allow this on my show,” yelled an angry Arnow.

After being reprimanded for their irresponsible behaviour, the panellists got serious about the matter.

One of them challenged Kant, “Why are you saying an English rhyme? Why not Hindi? Why not Italian?” To which Kant replied, “This rhyme is written in English, so I have to recite that in English.”

Things came to normal when everybody started talking, commenting, objecting, yelling at each other and the show went on smoothly till it was time for the next debate. Arnow was happy that the debate ended without conclusion, as always.