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Unable to come up with idiotic hashtag, news channel drops coverage of major news event

24, Aug 2014 By surajr

Mumbai: In what may be the biggest blow to the credibility of mainstream media, popular news channel Times Now have decided to drop the coverage of a major news event – the blasphemous pictures uploaded by secular liberal activist Teesta Setalvad, as it was unable to come up with an idiotic hashtag for Twitter.

“Where is the hashtag guys, we can’t air the news without it”

The lack of Times Now coverage became even more apparent after news channels like India TV and NDTV provided extensive coverage for the same story.

In an interview to Faking News via telephone, Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami SHOUTED, “The Newshour with Arnab Goswami is the #1 reality show… em.. I mean News program in the history of Indian television. It is not just my theatrics or my bitch-slapping of Sanjay Jha that makes this show popular. We do a lot of ground work which goes unseen. Creating an idiotic hashtag and trending it on Twitter is the first step of the process. Without a firm foundation, we simply cannot have a viable show.”

Adding further, Mr. Goswami YELLED, “It was indeed a very serious issue. However, our entire team of 100 hashtag creators and editors were unable to come up with a hashtag which was outrageous and LOL-worthy at the same time. When all else failed, I stepped up to the plate and tried my hand at it. Though I came up with an excellent hashtag, it was so long that we could hardly add 2-3 words of news before it exceeded the 140 character limit.”

Thereafter, Arnab went on a furious rant SCREAMING, “Why does Twitter have a 140 character limit? India needs an answer. Arnab Goswami needs an answe….” At this point the Faking News correspondent hung up the phone.

Later in the day, in what appeared to be a sly at the Editors at Times Now, inventor cum proprietor of “The Moral Compass” Rajdeep Sardesai let fly a series of ironic tweets on Twitter. However, he was promptly tolled by the twitterati and went into hiding.

The Faking News reporter, who interviewed Arnab over the phone has been admitted to Lilavati Hospital with severe eardrum trauma. He has been advised to listen to Manmohan Singh speeches for a week as part of his rehabilitation program.