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Unable to understand court proceedings, Page 3 journalist starts reporting on wardrobe of celeb visiting Salman’s home

08, May 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: Panna Tripathi, a page 3 reporter from a reputed fashion magazine who was sent to cover the bail plea hearing in Bombay HC had the toughest day at job. Her editor asked her to cover the court proceedings and do a story on the Salman Verdict for weekend edition of their mag. But she got so bored in court that she came back to Galaxy apartment (Salman’s residence) and started reporting things like ‘What the celebs were wearing and who had the worst fashion sense’.

Raj Thackeray wearing a white shining kurta
Raj Thackeray wearing a white shining kurta

In an exclusive chat with Shaitaan Khopdi™, Panna poured her hear out. “I should have realized what a boring place it is when they asked me switch off the phone. And then lawyers started talking in a language which was impossible to understand. I mean who talks like that? They should see our movies to learn how to argue in courts. Even today people remember “Tareekh pe tareekh….” dialogue by Sunny Deol was so impressive in ‘Damini’ but these guys were too bland in their dialogue delivery.”

“Soon I realized I won’t get any juicy story here. Plus there is no creative freedom while reporting a court judgement. You have to just repeat the court order, can’t make your own interpretation of the verdict. So I took the decision to go to Salman’s home knowing that so many celebs are visiting him since 2 days. I could see Kareena Kapoor with Gucchi handbag, Deepika in Guess denims. When Hrithik entered sporting a pair of Prada shoes and subtle beard that went so well with his Versace shirt, I just couldn’t control my emotions. The only regret I had was I was not able to guess the brand of Malaika’s gown. I will write ‘LV’ in the report. Who cares whether LV stands for Louis Vuitton or Lonely Vimal,”she continued.

Faking News contacted the editor of magazine to know why a page3 reporter was sent to cover court hearing. The editor said, “She is an intern and was over excited about taking up challenging tasks. So last week I asked her to cover this. From the next day she started dressing like Konkona Sen and behaved like Atul Kulkarni, the characters of ‘Page3’ movie. Since we had to anyway cover the verdict as it involves Bollywood, my team decided to ignored her change in behavior.”

Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked Panna if there was absolutely no takeaway from the time spent in court. She candidly replied, “I won’t say that. I was writing a ‘Buzzfeed’ article on 10 places that would bore you to death, and it was pending for so long. After today’s experience that article is ready for submission.”