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‘Unprepared’ news show panelist caught when he was asked to air his opinion first

01, Jan 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Panelist Dilip Pandey could not utter a single word when he was asked to air his opinion first during TV panel discussion on Rajinikanth launching new political party.

Dilip blames Arnab for ‘trapping’ him.  Dilip said, “For months, I am attending his show. He never gave me chance to speak before seven or eight panelists spoke. I do not know what was the reason he asked me to speak me first”.

Dilip added, “Moreover, he knew that I was busy with other activities. Came to the show as per his request as he was not getting mandatory 32 panelists he needed to start his panel discussion. Due to New Year’s Eve, there is shortage of panelists as most are busy in partying. When five other TV channels called me, I came here as the dinner served at Republic TV studio is very good. Aur jyada kuch bolna bhi nahin padta hai. Jo Sambit Patra bole, uska favor ya against mein bol do”.

Dilip asked “Nation wants to know why Arnab wanted me to speak first when Sambit was there on the show and as usual he was getting restless to set the agenda by speaking first. From next time, I will come on his show if Arnab gives me a token number. It must be after 4. By that time, I can understand the topic and can summarize ‘my views’ by listening to others speaking before me”.

News anchor Arnab Goswami is upset because he thought all the panelists he is calling are good and are coming well prepared.

“Today I came to know panelists like Dilip khali attendance marne  idhar aate hain. Pura kaam Sambit karta hai. I will check every panelist’s preparation before show starts. Those who have come ‘unprepared’, will ask them to go to other TV channels. Like 2017, in 2018 Republic TV will remain at the top. There is no chance for mediocrity in my show,” thundered Arnab.