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Upcoming News Channel to not hire any journalist, will recruit story writers and theater actors instead

25, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Famous media house SBEN Network has announced the inauguration date of its brand-new NEWS broadcasting channel Krantikaari TV (KKTV).

KKTV news reporter busy  on the job
KKTV news reporter busy on the job

SBEN has also announced 4 brand new news-shows “Kranti Ki Jwala – The Burning Question”, “Dead or Alive – Whole nation fights back”, ‘’Someone is Looking – The alien files” and “The Pink Squad – Common woman for justice”. These 4 news-shows promise to provide an entirely different angle to the news presentation industry.

Talking to national and international media Dr. Jagdeesh John the CEO of SBEN network said, “We are not news presenters. We are news makers. That is why we don’t need reporters. We don’t need to report anything. We create our own news and sell it to the audiences. We don’t care for TRPs or viewer preferences. We are only after truth, and nothing but the truth. Since it’s pretty expensive to find that truth, we create it.”

He further continued, “Media and news manufacturing industry runs on two types of business models these days. One business design is to send highly paid reporters out in the heat, spend on their movement and food and stuff. Get authentic news and show it, which I feel is a pretty bad model.”

“The other business model is an economical one. Under this model we have in-house artists who  create amazing fictional news stories and have in-house theater actors present them with passion and aggression. People will just love the truth being shown to them, which will give us more viewership. But as I said earlier, truth and nothing but truth is our only journalistic moral,” Sir John concluded.

Owing to the nature of its promised revolutionary content, KKTV has already garnered huge investment from all major sources.

Huge recruitment drives are being conducted at Nation School of Drama and other literary and drama schools throughout the country to ramp-up the employee pipe-line for KKTV.

That is not all, celebrity writer Chetan Bhagat is being considered to be the writer for the opening news plot and super-star King Khan himself may do a special opening anchor for flagship news debate show “Kranti ki Jwala – The Burning Question”.